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Frequently Asked Questions

I get by using general word processing, spreadsheets, emails and manual filing for my case management. Why should I use Viddle?

General administration software and cloud services are second nature to most and great for common office tasks. However, these software packages and services are not catered for case management and don’t provide workflows that follow the investigations process. Viddle, on the other hand, is a specialised platform built specifically for the investigations industry and drastically reduces time in documentation and evidence management, while allowing investigators to work in a collaborative online environment.

I do a lot of surveillance work for agencies and businesses. Can I use Viddle?

Yes you can. Viddle is a co-use and collaborative platform. Instead of copying your surveillance footage onto portable media or a generic mass consumer grade cloud service platform, you can upload video into the Viddle case and provide selected access to anyone with a Viddle account.  Alternatively, if your client has a Viddle account, they can send you a requisition for you to provide the surveillance footage within Viddle.


Is Viddle only used for investigations?

Viddle can be used in any process where a case is being managed and there is a need for transfer of information internally and from third parties. For instance, lawyers requesting large volume documents or evidence from third parties or contractors can use the Viddle for traceability and accountability.  Another example is compliance checks on businesses, organisations and industry that need a case management to record and store compliance documents or evidence.


There are several investigation management platforms on the market. What sets Viddle apart?

There are some novel key features that separates Viddle from other products, such as requisitions, e-statements, linking multiple case entities and built-in video conferencing with your partnering investigators and witnesses. While the features themselves are impressive, what really sets Viddle apart is that it has been built based on continuous feedback from investigators who have requested specific functionality. Click on Features on the top menu to learn more.


Tell me a bit about Viddle’s backend infrastructure.

Viddle is built on and the app is hosted on AWS US West (Oregon). A relational PostgreSQL database is used to store application data.


Will my case files and evidence be secure on Viddle?

Evidence and subject files uploaded by users over HTTPS and stored on AWS Asia Pacific (Sydney) with server-side encryption enabled for data at rest, using AES-256. We welcome you to read our privacy policy and Bubble’s security page for further details.


I’m in my free trial period and created a few cases. But before I start my paid subscription, I’d like to have a chat.

Our staff are always happy to meet with potential, trialling and current clients. If there is anything you would like to discuss regarding use of Viddle, then contact us and we will organise a Zoom call for a time that works for you.


What are some future features and technology on Viddle’s roadmap?

We are constantly striving to enhance user experience and are working hard on some very exciting features. If you share our vision of progressing towards an investigations digital ecosystem and are interested in partnering with us, then we would be keen to hear from you and share details of our roadmap. Contact


I’m interested in investing. What options are currently available?

We are not seeking any funding at this point of time, however we are open to short and long term engagement of marketing experts, technical advisors and business advisors. If you know investigations, SaaS technology and / or marketing and want to be part of our journey, then please reach out.

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