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Why Viddle

Next Generation Investigations Management

The investigations industry has well and truly moved on from paper-based case information management. The majority of investigators use several software platforms for various investigative and case management tasks. However, we can do better. Viddle is a unified co-use platform for case management, information exchange and incident reporting. It is digital investigation ecosystem that provides collaboration between investigators and parties to a case.

Common Investigation Management Environment

A one stop web application for managing all aspects of case investigations. All activities can be performed in a common environment without the need for separate applications.

Case Corroborator Network

Connect with other Viddle users for joint investigations. Provide case corroborators with access to relevant case information and track corroborator tasks in the case log.

Integrated Case File Management

Upload, download and preview case files including subject / POI documents, images and video. Files are stored securely using Amazon AWS S3 in Australia.

Information Exchange

Request and receive information relating to a case from clients, witnesses or other case parties. All information transactions are recorded in an audit trail.

Viddle Blueprint

Our architecture allows users to perform all case management functions using Viddle with minimal reliance on additional applications.

investigation management software application blueprint Viddle

Viddle Application Stack

In Viddle, everything ties back to a Case and is therefore traceable. A comprehensive User Dashboard provides a bird's eye view of:

  • Open, In Progress and Closed case counts.

  • Pending requisitions.

  • Pending and completed witness statements.

  • Corroborators.

  • Evidence and case information files.

investigation management software application stack Viddle

See these features in action by watching our demo videos or try Viddle by signing up for a free trial.

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