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Ivestigation Management Software, Viddle

Trusted Investigations Management

Social innovation is at the core of all that we do at Viddle. We find smart ways of using technology that will advance the investigations industry in all sectors, including private investigations.

Our investigation management software uses intelligent workflows to create, manage and share investigative cases, digital witness statements and evidence.

Viddle is transforming the investigations industry. Learn how you can benefit by signing up for a free trial or requesting a tailored demo.


Why Viddle

Viddle is a Software as a Service (SaaS) investigation management platform that accelerates and streamlines investigative case management across all public and private sectors. Designed by investigators, for investigators, Viddle meets the industry demand for an intuitive, no frills solution that can be used with minimal training.

Viddle is simple to use and specifically designed to save time in case creation and case management tasks. Viddle facilitates collaboration with other investigators, allowing a primary case investigator to add secondary collaborating investigators from partnering organisations and allocate tasks to the team working on a case. Viddle has built-in video conferencing to facilitate meetings and screen-sharing between investigators. All case evidence is securely stored in Amazon AWS S3 Sydney.  Viddle also allows requests of information from parties to a case, such as witness statements and evidence, through online requisitions, eliminating the need for travel to collect case documents.

Learn more about how Viddle provides next generation investigation software here.

01. Collaborative

As a world first co-use platform for case investigators in the private and government sectors, Viddle provides a shared and secure digital environment and user experience for private investigators, agencies in government and civil sectors allowing online case collaboration.

02. Single Source of Truth

Centralised and controlled case data  can be updated and reviewed by investigators, their clients and the impacted community members, depending on their role and access needs. Users that have reported, requested or currently investigating a case are instantly notified when additional evidence is uploaded.

03. Agile & Scalable

Viddle is designed to cope with protracted investigations and aggregation of data. The case log keeps track of hours and tasks completed to date on a case, allowing organisations to measure their investigation process efficiency.

04. Secure & Private

Users can only see cases they are working on. Amazon S3 stores case documentation, witness statements, incident reports, offender descriptions and user details.

We reduce business disruption, time and travel needed for investigation management, case tasks, evidence and statement collection and follow up.

Investigation Management Video Chat

Use our built-in case call feature to video-chat with other investigators and clients.

Viddle Investigation Management Workflow

Key Features

Interactive Dashboard

An overview of all your active cases, requisitions, statements, evidence files and your investigating partners.

Digital Statements

Draft digital witness / complainant statements and transmit via Viddle for verification, signature and return. Eliminate the need for travel to take statements.

Quick Case Creation

Rapidly create a case by providing critical information only and adding case notes and files as the case progresses.

Secure File Management

Upload and share evidence relating to a case or requisition, including images, video and pdf files.  Case documentation is stored using AWS S3 in Sydney.


Request information from partnering organisations or any other party using structured requisitions that form part of the case log.

Case Log

Track case tasks, time and expenses. Allocate tasks to your team with automatic reminders. Generate invoices based on case log tasks.


These technology integrations, business partners and advisors have helped to enable Viddle's features, database architecture, reliability and security.
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Our Journey


Featured Clients

We are proud to be providing investigations management solutions to reputable clients in the investigations and security industry.

Our featured sample client list is updated - for a comprehensive view of the market sectors, global regions and clients Viddle serves, please contact us -

Investigation Management Software

Use Cases

  • Private investigator cases

  • Non-emergency incidents and offences

  • Protracted investigations

  • Case status tracking and management

  • Case linking based on common attributes

  • Witness statements for evidence in court

  • Case documentation management

  • Enhancing internal and external relationships between investigating parties

  • Factual Investigations

  • Corporate & HR

  • Surveillance

  • Criminal

  • Process Serving

  • Law Enforcement

  • Government

  • Occupational Health & Safety

Use Cases

The Need

"Viddle is an essential tool that saves time and manpower needed to travel to site and retrieve video. We can now search an area for cameras, request video and review the evidence knowing that it has remained secure and untampered."

- Current Australia Law Enforcement Officers

"While all of our attention has focused on the impact of deep fakes on the most publicly visible kinds of video that are readily shared on social media, surveillance footage represents a far more  frightening avenue of falsification that has grave implications for the legal system."

- Forbes Magazine


About Us

Our Experience

Over 50 years combined experience:

  • Law enforcement 

  • Investigations

  • Security consulting

  • Application development

  • Governance and compliance

Our Values

We believe in:

  • Promoting community safety through technological and social innovation

  • Streamlined civil, corporate and government investigations

  • Minimising business recovery time following an incident or offence

  • Trusted sharing of evidence

Client First Approach

We strive to to provide innovative technology solutions to meet our client security and safety needs.
By concentrating on real world problems faced by current and future clients,  we ensure that our solutions are practical in every day applications.

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